Monday, June 27, 2011

ketchup love & 400m repeats.

I try to be a positive person. I really do. When I start thinking negatively, I immediately focus on something more positive and I really try to appreciate the things around me. But this is hard to do when you are racing around at 6:30am getting ready for class, and get ketchup all over your scrub top. If you're wondering who eats ketchup at 6:30am, the answer is me. And I'm trying to figure out how you could possibly eat eggs without it. You should know I only own 2 pairs of scrubs since I'm a broke frugal college student, I had to resort to digging my only other pair out of the dirty clothes. Which was lovely, since it's laundry day today and it was buried under layers of sweaty workout clothes.


The greatest joy of the day was meeting Brittany at the gym for a serious running workout. 10 minute warm up & cool down with 8x400m 2:15 pace repeats. WE KILLED IT!!! I love having someone there to motivate me. :) Brittany, you rock!

Now, living the Janae life- - -at my parent's house doing laundry

AND eating their food. heck yes for free meals. :)

shakin' n' bakin'. plus uncle ben's 90 second brown rice, & brown sugar baby carrots. quite the gourmets we are.

Don't worry, tomorrow's meal will be a bit more sophisticated. I've had How Sweet It Is' fish sticks on the brain for days and I can't wait to make them!!

PS: Since you're all dying to know, I've found a new water bottle to love.

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