Tuesday, August 16, 2011

the abcs of the foodie in me.

I found this on Matt's blog and wanted to re-share. Because I'm lamesauce and/or addicted to surveys.

[A] Apples or Oranges

depends on the season. I want oranges in the summer & apples in the fall. :)

[B] Beans or Lentils

Beans, baby!!

[C] Cereal or Oatmeal

cereal. honey nut chex junkie.

[D] Dates or Raisins

dates. with almond butter.

[E] Eggs or Milk

milk. you can do more with it. plus it's required for smoothies/shakes. i just typed smookies and thought about keeping it. can i coin this my new phrase? smoothie+shake=smookie.

[F] French toast or waffles

tonga toast from disney's wilderness lodge.

[G] Garlic or salt

garlic. gotta keep the vamps away & all.

[H] Honey or maple syrup

honey maple syrup!

[I] Ice cream or frozen yogurt

there's no way to choose. i love them both. dense ice cream vs light (i-can-eat-so-freaking-much-and-not-feel-a-thing) frozen yogurt?? i will have my ice cream & eat my frozen yogurt too.

[J] Jam or toast

i can't pick toast! just plain ol' toast sucks. does jelly count? if so, a sandwich with grape jelly + cheese+egg.

[K] Kale or spinach

Portuguese kale soup.

[L] Lemon or Lime

I'm pretty indifferent.

[M] Muffins or Cupcakes

freaking cupcakes for sure!!

[N] Nut butter or jelly

here's the jelly in question--- but in this instance, nut butter. justin's honey or maple almond butter to be exact. i've thought of making my own but that seems like entirely too much work.

[O] Onions or peppers

both. they go together.

[P] Peanuts or Almonds

Almonds. :)

[Q] Quick bread or yeast bread

wtf? i like bread to be quick to my table, then to my belly- -so i guess quick bread.

[R] Raspberry or blackberry

raspberries, thank you BERRY much.

[S] Sweet or savory

that's tough! i freaking love junk like doritos but my heart probably belongs to cake.

[T] Tea or Coffee

coffee. <3 starbucks skinny iced caramel macchiatto.

[U] Udon or spaghetti noodles

spaghetti SQUASH noodles. :)

[V] Vanilla or Chocolate


[W] Whole wheat or white bread

Whole Foods gluten free white bread.

[X] Xanthum gum or Guar Gum

i currently use guar gum--- never used xanthum before.

[Y] Yogurt or Pudding

homemade (casein) protein pudding

[Z] Zucchini or Cucumber


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