Wednesday, July 6, 2011

buffalo and badges

Wednesday, I thought you'd never get here. I hate the term "hump day", but I love knowing I am half way to the weekend!!

I started the day with a sweaty run with Brittany. I am so glad we got to run together since she is leaving, yet again, for another vacation! I'm insanely jealous. We managed 3.10mi in the treacherous Florida heat. Even at 6:00am, my clothes were saturated from the muggy, moist air. But, it is SO, SO worth it for the endorphin high.


School came and went pretty quickly, but something excited DID happen. We got our radiation badges!! This means we're officially official. We got traditional film badges and ring badges since as Nuclear Medicine Techs we get a lot of exposure to our hands drawing up doses. Just one step closer to graduation, people!!!

In case you were wondering, it's completely normal to make creepy faces in every picture.

I should also mention it's completely normal to be infatuated with anything buffalo flavor. I am in love with Buffalo Shake N' Bake as a cheap and reasonably healthier choice for buffalo wings. It's baked rather than fried after all! So it only made sense to come home and make a massive mock buffalo chicken salad.

salad + runner's world=LOVE
in the mix:
-4 oz buffalo chicken
-chopped sweet bell peppers
-(hidden) chopped broccoli
-a handful of shredded cheddar
-a drizzle of ranch & EXTRA Frank's hot sauce
& of course, copious amounts of romaine lettuce

I'd count today as a success, especially since I got my hair done too!! (Pictures, soon) Plus, I finally finished my guest post for my dear friend Kyra, "The Get in Shape Girl"! I'll post the link asap! Exciting things are happening!!! :)))

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